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Hi! I'm Vickibeth (born as Victoria Elizabeth Messenger~quite the name for a little girl!). I was born in January of 1989 (shout out to January babies!). I'm pretty small at 5' 0", and I still wear little girl sized shoes. I grew up in a christian family and have had the blessing of a christian home setting my whole life. I adore my parents. It's amazing how much you realize they know the older you get! This is my family~Bob, Crystal, and little bro, Josh:

The Messengers

Thankfully they only live about 45 minutes away from us so we get to see them pretty often!

Now, one of the best parts~my husband Tim! Read more about how we met on the Our Love Story page; it is an incredible story of God's grace evidenced in both of our lives! Tim is my best friend. Spending every day with him is the best gift ever! We are so different, but fit together so perfectly. I'm overly organized and he throws his socks around...I want to listen to worship music and he wants to listen to sermons all day. He would much rather teach adults at church, give me the little ones! It is incredible how God uses us to complete each other...I tend to take everything personally and I'm very emotional, he's very laid back and rarely gets upset about anything. I feel like every day I learn so much from him and I am sooooo thankful for him. God has been so good to me! 

Mr. and Mrs. O'Brien

Christ is a huge part of our lives, and you will hear all about how He is working in our lives through this blog. He directed our paths so that they would cross, and we are so grateful for His leading! We serve an amazing loving God who desires a personal relationship with us~how incredible is that? We are getting involved in our new church, Grace Baptist Church. I serve in the nursery, enjoy the women's ministries, we both serve on the worship team, and Tim enjoys every opportunity he has to teach and preach. Tim is currently in seminary in addition to his full time job, so life is very busy!

I work at a women's health company in Monroeville, PA, called Rinovum. I wear several different hats and have many different tasks, but I'm officially the Document Control Manager (a glorified filer of all things FDA) and I love having to fix and organize all day long! 

I love to read, spend time with friends and family, and drink coffee! I love to blog. In my efforts to share with and encourage others, I typically learn a ton.  I am thrilled to be a part of a dedicated group of women that love God and desire to minister to women; we encourage our sisters in Christ at Deliberate Women. I play the piano and the clarinet and am on the worship team at church~I really enjoy music, specifically music that worships my Jesus. I love color and happy things! I love to cuddle with my hubby and laugh with him! I really enjoy entertaining friends and family. All in all, I just really enjoy life! One of our newest highlights is our adopted baby, Buddy. He makes every day a little bit brighter. He's been a wonderful addition to our family.

Growing up, I went to a private christian school from 3rd-12th grade. I graduated in 2009 from Pensacola Christian College with my Associates in Office Administration. Through a series of crazy events, I ended up at WalkRight Bible Institute in Michigan. I'll have to blog about that some day~what an adventure. God took that time in my life to completely change my heart and attitude, and I fought Him the whole way, but I am so glad He won! Some of my closest friends in the world are my "family" from Michigan.

"The family" at our wedding <3

We bought our first home in February 2014 and are absolutely in love! It's our own special retreat that we share together away from the craziness of every day life. It's pretty awesome. :) We are so thankful for the wonderful space this home provides and we try to constantly seek out opportunities to open our home for family, friends, and fellowship. God has blessed us with a home that far surpasses our dreams. Several times a week I find myself thinking, "I can't believe this is our home. Thank you, Jesus, so much!"

My secret love is event planning. I LOVE to plan parties and events~I get giddy with excitement over making sure every place setting is perfect and creating favors. I recently launched "The Peasant Princess: planning a princess event on a peasant budget" because I just love to plan fun events! I'm really looking forward to helping people make their dream event a reality. You can see my site at the tab above. Check out this exciting new adventure!

A fall birthday party I coordinated...

When I look at my life and how wonderful it is, all I can say is, "O my soul, I am so blessed!" :)

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