Monday, March 23, 2015

A Special Event

You are invited.....

O my soul! I'm sooo excited to share opportunity this with you all! I've had this idea on my heart for about two weeks. The desire began when I was whining (aka praying) to God about a situation in my life. I have been praying about this situation for well over 6 months. I'm frustrated by the "lack of response." I am interpreting the lack of a clear answer as a "wait" from God, but that doesn't mean it isn't a frustrating time. Patience is not one of my strong character traits. (Did you read my Word for 2015 post? :)) 

As I thought about how frustrated I feel in this situation, my mind began to wander. I began to think of my friends and loved ones who are going through their own situations. Some are horrific compared to my "problem," and yet others seem "silly" compared to the serious needs like terminal illness and loss of a parent that my friends are experiencing. So I began to think, is my request silly? Does God care about my request? It's selfish. It's about me. But I believe the Bible is clear that no request is too small for God. If you want to pray for a puppy...pray for a puppy! If you want to pray for a raise so that you can take your family on vacation, pray for a raise! At the same time, we all know people that are going through emotionally and physically crippling issues, and they need our prayer and support. It's easy to get bogged down my OUR problems because we are so selfish, but let's remember there are hurting, suffering people all around us.

And that's how this prayer event was birthed. I had this intense desire in my heart to have friends come along side me and pray with me about my situation, yet sometimes it seems so selfish to ask for prayer, so I don't. I wallow around in my loneliness begging God to hear my prayers, all the while wishing a sister in Christ would wrap me in a hug and pray for me while I cried. And I began to wonder, do my friends feel this way? Do they wish I would pray with them no matter the issue? If it's close to her heart, is it close to mine? And that's what I want to do for you, my friend and sister in Christ. I want to come along side you, wrap you in a virtual hug, and pray with you to our Heavenly Father about your request, no matter how big or how small the request seems to you!

I'm thankful for the wonderful Godly girls that have agreed to join me this Thursday night, March 26, 2015, at 7pm EST for a virtual time of prayer, and we want you to join us! These wonderful women will each take a few moments to pray on the Facebook page (O My Soul) for a specific need or area of our lives. The women I've asked have had personal struggles and/or victories in these areas, and I know you will be blessed by their willingness to open their hearts and pray for those hurting around them. They can truly pray with you in a way not everyone could. In addition, there will be an open post where you can post your personal request, no matter how big or small, and a team of us will pray for you specifically.

If you feel your situation is just too personal, then send a private message to O My Soul on Facebook and I will post your request anonymously. Sometimes it's hard to put our heart's desire/prayer into words especially if we feel our friends or family will criticize or judge us. I've been there recently where I just can't explain my heart; I open my mouth to say something to Timmy. Ten minutes later, I'm crying because I just can't put my heart into words, I'm filled with emotion, sometimes sooo happy other times sooo sad, but I can't find the right words, then he tries to fill in the gaps for me because he's a boy and a "fixer"...and you can imagine how that goes! :) But I love him for trying to understand me!

Nothing is too big or too small for our God. He desires to give good things to His children. The question is, "Are you willing to trust Him to know what is good for you?" Often, I fear we are too embarrassed or scared of His answer to ask. There's nothing we can hide from Him. So I invite you to open up your heart, allow your sisters in Christ to come along side you, and lift your request up to the Father. You are not alone, and you probably aren't the first person in the world to have your desire on your heart. You aren't going to shock God. Trust Him that He hears the prayers of His children.

I hope you will join us on Thursday night. I have already been in prayer for several days now asking God to just make this a sweet time of encouragement. That's my desire and prayer. I pray that all the women who share their requests, and those that just watch on in silence, are comforted that they are loved, their request is important, and that they have sisters all over the country who love them in Christ. I'm really excited, and I hope to "see" you on Thursday night! :)

With love and prayers,

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