Thursday, February 26, 2015

Book Review: Messy, Beautiful Love by Darlene Schacht

Messy Beautiful Love was the first book I read this year off of my 2015 reading list (view the entire list here). It was a great read to start with! Darlene blogs at Time-warp Wife and her blog is constantly challenging me. Darlene has had extreme highs and lows in her marriage, including an affair which she discusses in her book. I appreciate her open honesty on how she has dealt with her sin and how she and her family have made a miraculous, only-God-could-do-this recovery and moved on to a wonderful relationship example. She doesn't fill the book with examples of other people, rather, she opens up her heart and doesn't hesitate to admit that she doesn't always respond correctly. The book was easy to read and chocked full of practical, Biblical principles on how to have a Godly marriage. We all are going to have different "messy" moments in our family relationships, but how we respond to that as a believer is based solely on our walk with God. This relationship will determine how "beautiful" our marriage will be; we can't do it without Him. I was thankful for Darlene's honesty for young wives like me. Some of the lows "older" (I use that term loosely lol) wives talk about can be very scary for those of us who are newly married. I don't want to think about loss, pain, and struggle, but Darlene presents her lows in a way that gives hope that God can restore and redeem His children as we seek Him. The Bible doesn't promise us "constant happiness" as believers, but He does give us the answers in His word on how to deal with "life." A blessed marriage is a result of surrendering your life to His ways. I  enjoyed this book and would highly recommend it, especially for young wives. Darlene writes in an easy-to-read manner that pulls you right in. Check it out!

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