Friday, September 26, 2014

Showing Love....Challenge Continued.....

September Week 3 didn't go as planned since unexpectedly the friend had to cancel our lunch, so I was a little behind going into last weekend. I made up for it with two ideas over the weekend, one for week 3 and one for week 4. :) Both involved cooking for others. Not something I'm super good at, but in this case, I just really felt like my cooking attempts would be "just the thing"! 

First of all, I made some star shaped sugar cookies for a man at our church who just found out he has cancer. He and his wife have been so sweet to us and are one of the first couples we remember meeting our first week at Grace. He found out at the end of the week prior that he had cancer, and all weekend he had been on my heart and in my prayers. I kept thinking about the fact that the God who created the universe who cares about the tiniest bug, who knows the number of hairs on our head, he cares about Glenn and his cancer and He hadn't forgotten about him. I wanted to share this with Glenn and his wife, hoping that this truth would comfort them during this difficult time. I settled on the verses, Psalms 8:3-4, that talk about the God who created the beautiful heavens who placed each star in the sky cares about us. The verse says, "What is man that You are mindful of him?" God created such fantastic things around us, yet he cares about little ol' me....that's incredible! So Glenn got a star decorated bag of cookies. I prayed that as he ate those star-shaped cookies he would be reminded that the God who created and hung the stars in the sky cares about him and isn't going to abandon him through this trial.

In addition to this sad news though, we got wonderful news as well. Our newish (lol) friends Andy and Gena had their baby boy Caleb! Andy, Gena, and Jonathan have become such a wonderful part of our lives over the last few months and we couldn't wait to go meet Mr. Caleb! While I have never had a child, I can imagine that it is very difficult to add a new baby to a household and still have all the housework done and meals on the table and chase after a busy 4 year old, so I figured a meal would be helpful and show how excited we are for them! 
I put together a little basket with a cheesy-alfredo bake, homemade rolls, mini pumpkin desserts, a few little treats for big brother Jonathan, and paper products (baby printed paper products, leftovers from a baby shower I hosted~how perfect and festive!). No dishes to wash is always a welcomed treat, right?! We dropped off the meal on Sunday night and got to take a little peak at the baby~he's so tiny and precious! Jon told me the food was really good and if the picky 4 year old eats it then I guess it was okay! Success! haha!

Have you been participating in this fall challenge? How have you shown someone you care this week? I would love to hear about it! If you haven't participated yet, it's never too late to start showing those around you love! 

Here are a few ideas if you're stuck:
  • When you are the grocery store this week, pick up a little pumpkin or a fall mum and drop it off to an elderly neighbor or family member.
  • Write your pastor or youth leader an encouraging note and give it to them on Sunday.
  • Call someone from the past, who you think about often but are just "too busy" to call, and spend actual time on the telephone. (I know you're busy, we all are, that's why this would be an act of sacrificial love!) Show you care by giving them 20-30 minutes of your time. 
  • Bake cookies for someone.
  • If you have little kids, have them draw some fall pictures or do crafts and then drop them off at a local nursing home and ask the workers to hand them out to some of the residents.
  • Offer to babysit a friend's child(ren) so she can get some housework or shopping done.
Showing love to others doesn't have to cost a fortune, it truly is the thought that counts.

Hope you have a blessed weekend,

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