Tuesday, September 9, 2014

A Bowl of Soup Challenge?

I have been extremely inspired by an incredible blogger that I follow, Janelle at Comfy in the Kitchen (http://comfyinthekitchen.com/). She loves to cook, and she uses her love of cooking to bless others. She uses her gift as her ministry (she calls it meal ministry)....shouldn't shock me since that's a very biblical though, but I still think she's got the most clever thing going! :) She has encouraged me, through her blog, on several occasions to take a meal to someone, specifically older people, those who recently were in the hospital, or those who just had a baby. Girls, it's so incredibly fun to bless others in this way! You really MUST try it! This fall, I would like to encourage each and every one of us to go out of our way to bless someone weekly~whether that means taking them a meal, actually purchasing a stamp and sending them a sweet note (Let's be honest...who doesn't love to get "real" mail! :)), making a hospital visit, or simply dropping off a little gift that says "I was thinking of you today"...

It's amazing how someone's simple act of kindness can make such a huge impact on our day. For example, on Sunday evening, a sweet new friend came up to me with the most sunshiny yellow gift bag with a big sunflower card on the front. "This is a lil something for you," she said to me. I was shocked, couldn't really say anything but "thank you." I'm usually the one trying to be thoughtful, and to be on the receiving end of that, from a very new friend, was just shocking....and I felt awesome inside! I couldn't believe she cared about me enough to spend her precious time, thoughts, and money on me. I felt so loved. It reminded me that I need to redouble my efforts to show love to people through the love languages. For me, I thrive on the love language of gifts. The unexpected gift, no matter how small, screams (in a good way!) love to me~a note on the mirror, flowers on the table, a coffee...it's not about a specific amount of money spent or the size of the gift, but rather, the thought behind it.

So I would like to invite you to take on this challenge with me: Go out of your way to bless someone every week from now until Thanksgiving. I know that that seems like forever away, but it will be here before we know it! It's only 12 weeks away....only one dozen thoughtful little acts....think you can handle it? I KNOW YOU CAN DO IT!

Each week I will share with you how I tried to bless someone, and I would love for you to share with me as well! Let's help keep each other accountable! :)

I started this challenge myself, last week...so here's what I have to date:

Week 1~September 2014

The Lord has blessed me with an incredible mom, mother-in-law (I know I'm blessed...I've heard "those stories!" lol), and Mimi (grandma)....these wonderful ladies are always there for us and support us in every endeavor of our lives. Last week I was in my seasonal wreath-making-mood, and I decided to make them fall wreaths to just show them I love them. I got to do something I love (www.thepeasantprincess.com) and I got to say "I love you" all at the same time! How fun and awesome is that! Check out their fall wreaths:

(To clarify: the one in the middle actually had an "O" instead of an "M" for Mom O'Brien, but this was my still-working-on-it-pic and I just tossed the "M" on there as I was working on them to see how a letter looked. lol)

 Week 2~September 2014

We have the cutest little old man that lives next to us...we call him "Old Man Dave," not to be disrespectful, but because he is legit old and his name is Dave. :) Monday evening I decided to make homemade tomato basil soup (tomatoes and basil from our garden! :)) and 3-cheese grilled cheese (homemade bread) for dinner. (Please pause with me for just a moment if you would and relish in that word "homemade." lol I was like way-super-domestic-wife for that one meal. haha And I was pretty darn pleased with myself for being so homemakerish. ;) Yes, I just made up that word. Also I used my immersion blender for the first time~o my soul! If you don't have one, go, right now, and buy one...it's A BLAST! haha) 

Anyways, back to the point, I often think of Dave when I'm making dinner because he has no one to cook for him and I always wonder what he's eating and if he can cook....lol To make a long story short, I packed up a bowl of  soup for him, made some streusel muffin type things, wrapped a fall ribbon and leaves around them, and we delivered them to him. He's the cutest thing, "Oh, well thank you. You guys are just too good to me." It warmed my heart and hopefully his as well. We want to show him that we care about him! All in all, the "project" probably took me a little over an hour, but what an investment of time because it was for a person that God loves. What a better way to spend my time then hanging out on my couch watching HGTV which is probably what I would've been doing!

To conclude, it's all about relationships. All that matters in life is people. Who cares how big your house was if you never opened it up to others? Or how nice your car was if you never used it to visit someone in need? The world around us is constantly telling us to be selfish and think of ourselves only, but it's so much more fun to show love to others. In the words of Caylie Grace, "It makes me happy." (insert big grin) So will you join me on this journey? Get your kids, your hubby, your friends involved and go out and bless someone's day!

Don't forget to let me know that you are joining me on this adventure~I can't wait to hear your ideas...maybe they will inspire me for one of my future weeks! 

Come enjoy the journey with me~

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