Thursday, July 10, 2014

Shared Truths

Every once in awhile, when someone finds out that I like to blog, I get the question, "Do you write your own stuff or just copy other people?" My response is, "Some of both." lol I like to write when God puts something on my heart. I like to involve the Godly girlfriends that I know and love when they have something to share. I love to include recipes from my family and friends... But sometimes....I read something from a blogger I follow (check out "My favorite blogs" on the right side of my blog) and I feel so compelled to share their thoughts with you (always giving them full credit). I'm not trying to "steal their thunder" lol or anything like that, but I truly think that someone out there that I know and love might also benefit from the truths as much as I did. I'm going to try to share these thoughts under a new category that you will be seeing going forward, called "Shared Truths." This means that I am not the author, but rather, believe the original blog post will bless your heart and that I want to share the truth they shared. I will include maybe a brief summary or my own thoughts and then give you the link to the main post. I hope you enjoy these Godly women (and occasional men) that I have grown to respect via the blog world. They have been such a blessing to my soul and my walk with God in a time where I don't feel like I have the real life mentors, these long-distance women have become my go-to girls on spiritual issues. I'm very thankful for their ministries and for the technology that allows me to learn and glean from their ministries even though they are hours and hours away from me!

So for today's Shared Truth...

I read this guest post by Lisa Jacobson's (Club31Women) husband Matthew on The Time Warp Wife. Matthew is one of the few men's posts that comes across my screen because he is often featured on Lisa's blog. He always brings excellent truth. His post on submission was wonderful. I wish I could print it out and keep copies of it with me and when people question my "old-fashioned, crazy, insane, dumb" belief that God calls me to be a submissive wife, I could just hand them this post. haha! It is exactly how I wish I could articulate what I believe about submitting to Tim. 

Two specific things really caught my attention while reading this:

"Submit to Him? No problem (we say). He’s good, righteous, just, merciful, and possesses all power and authority. There’s no qualification to be placed on the authority of Jesus and the Bride’s, the Church’s, responsibility to submit to Him. But then there’s the ‘S’ word directed to wives about their own husbands. Submit to him? Not so fast."

“I don’t submit to my husband because I want to.  I don’t want to. I don’t submit to my husband because I like to.  I don’t like to. I don’t submit to my husband because it makes me feel good.  It doesn’t make me feel good. I submit to my husband because the Scriptures command me to.  I do it out of obedience to Christ.” ~ Elisabeth Elliot

I truly hope you'll take a few minutes and check out the following link. You won't be disappointed!


Stay encouraged in your walk,

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