Sunday, February 2, 2014

Blessed Beyond Words

I've been having a hard time lately with this blog. I have a ton on my heart, but it's just been kinda mumbled up the last few weeks. Life has been insanely busy, in a good way, but I've just not been sure how to express it. Then tonight a small phrase came to mind as I thanked God for the many things He has done for us over the last few weeks~Blessed Beyond Words. That's how I feel right now. I don't even know how to put down in writing how overflowing my heart is with the blessings of God. I feel like my life is so full and wonderful that I could just BURST!

So, if you don't mind, I'd like to share with you some of the incredible things going on in our life right now:

Tim and I just celebrated 9 months of marriage on January 27~what a blast it's been! I still can't believe that after a very long time of poor choices, God's grace overwhelmed my life and He gave me Tim.  I turned 25 last week~I'm so ridiculously old! lol I do feel like I'm officially a grown-up now, and my back has been hurting more than normal. :) haha We did a "no-spend January" which was an adventure. No shopping except for perishable groceries (milk, eggs, fruit) and no eating out! That was really hard since we eat out often normally. We ate out 3 times in January. 1. I had saved up my TGI Friday's points and had 2 FREE meals lol 2. I received a free bday meal at Houlihan's so we just had to pay for Tim's dinner which we used some cash in my wallet for. 3. We went to Olive Garden with my parent's on Friday to celebrate all the big events happening, and we planned to use a giftcard, but someone we ran into at the restaurant paid for our meal! So we ate out 3 times and not one penny came out of our bank account! lol It's the little things! :)

Tim got a new job and is waiting for the paperwork to finalize before he moves to the new job. It is about a 1/4 mile down the road from my job which is going to be super awesome for time spent together and saving money on gas! Another HUGE change for us so far this year is that Tim started back to school. He is getting his Master of Divinity online from BBC&S. It's really been an adjustment because his evenings are spent doing hours of school work. It's hard to not chat and just leave him alone to study and read. I need a hobby. lol Which leads me to my next exciting news! We bought a house! Closed on Friday, the 31st (so much for no-spend January, right? LOL). It is such a wonderful home and we are sooo excited to have our own place! The home is very open and set up to entertain which is one of the things I really feel a burden to do, open up our homes to our friends and family and provide a warm and inviting place of fellowship. This place screams "fellowship!" :) 

We are really excited about our first home...I'm sure you all will be seeing a lot more pics over the next few weeks as we paint, move, and live! :)

Right now, I am feeling overflowed with blessings (if that's possible? :)), but I know that many dear friends are experiencing low points in their lives right now. I'm challenged that even though things seem to be going near-perfect in our life, I need to not get caught up in my own "fun" and remember to pray for and comfort those that need a little extra live right now. God has blessed us SO THAT WE CAN BLESS OTHERS. For each person that's going to look a little different. As we go through this busy and wonderful time of life, the prayer of my heart is that we would use this new home, new job, new education, etc to encourage and uplift and bring all glory and honor to Jesus in the process.

In what areas of your life can you see God's hand of blessing?

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  1. By reading your blog today and thanking God for His miraculous working in all of our lives, especially these last few years! "To God Be The Glory"!!! <3 U!!!