Monday, December 9, 2013

Prosperity, Hope, and a Future

There's a wooden plaque that sits in our master bathroom. It is a simple black block, about 4x6 inches, that has plain white writing. Nothing fancy or pretty; it's actually rather boring. Why I ever picked it up at the bookstore, I don't know, it was probably on sale haha. But, the words on the plaque are Jeremiah 29:11 "For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."

(Now, let me preface this with two things: 1. I understand that this was written to the Israelites and is not a direct promise to the new testament believer, and therefore, what I share will be more from the perspective of "this is the character of the God who loves us." 2. The plaque is taken from the NIV version of the Bible, as are must plaques, mugs, cards, etc at the christian bookstore. While I would never use the NIV as my Bible version, this is the version I have subconsciously memorized this verse in because I read it every single day, therefore, I share it with you in the NIV because that's how it goes in my head. :) )

This verse has become my verse over the last several months. There are so many things that I love about this verse. Last night as I walked into the bathroom to take a shower, I read it once again out of habit, (it sits directly across from our bedroom door) and really felt the need to share with you how much I love this verse.

"For I know"
Isn't that comforting? :) The God who created the entire world knows exactly what's going on. Nothing slips by him, nothing surprises him, and absolutely nothing happens that he doesn't allow! Sometimes when I'm overwhelmed by circumstances I see that verse and feel like I can hear God saying, "Vickibeth, I know."

"the plans I have for you"
God has a plan...specifically for ME! For those times in our lives where we feel all alone, God is there and He has a plan specifically for each child.

"plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."
Now if that doesn't excite you, I don't know what could!? This verse is a victory verse. We have hope and a future because of Christ. No matter what happens along the way, we have prosperity, hope, and a future, if not here, then in Heaven! As I look at my life I feel that I am experiencing the overflowing blessings of God. He has blessed me with great prosperity in my husband, our home, my job, family, the little daily blessings~I feel so wealthy! In the last week or so we've had some big changes and they have shown me that God has a bright and exciting future for Tim and me. And He is not going to lead us into anything but His will as we seek and trust Him. What hope! What a future!

I've shared with you how I am experiencing the happy victory of this verse, but maybe you aren't at the same place in life right now, maybe you are feeling like you are in the valley of this promise. Take heart! God knows, He has plans for you, and He desires to bless your life, in His way and timing, with spiritual prosperity, hope and a future. Embrace this verse, cling to it, and beg God to show you His way. He will not fail you. True prosperity, hope, and life (future) are found in Christ, and no matter how difficult life on this earth is, knowing that you are going to spend eternity with Him, is true blessings.

This isn't a prosperity gospel verse. You absolutely cannot do whatever you want and expect God to fulfill His promises of blessings to those that love and serve Him. And this isn't part of a 3 step program to achieve stuff from God, but, this verse is a demonstration of the incredible love and character that our heavenly Father has. He is a loving and faithful God who desires to lead His children in a wonderful life in the center of His will.

I am thrilled by the way God has been leading Tim and me, and while the unknown future can sometimes be scary, can I get an "amen"!?, it is also so comforting to know that God knows, and He already has plans for us, and they are gonna be awesome, because there's nothing better than being right where He wants ya. God isn't surprised but the amazingly wonderful things that are happening in our life right now, and he certainly isn't surprised if you are having a rough time. Our God knows all, and that's pretty comforting!

Thanks for bearing with me today, I just want to praise God for his leading and blessings and thank Him for His never-ending love for me!

What verse has God given you that you can claim as "yours"? I'd love to hear about what it says to your heart.

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