Monday, November 4, 2013

A Thankful Heart~November 4

November 4, 2013~Thankful for Faithful Love

I'm not sure if this will makes sense to anyone else, and it's hard for me to explain, but being married has really shown me the true, faithful love of our heavenly Father. Tim is constantly forgiving me and loving me, in spite of me, he is such a good picture of God's unfailing love. I have always known that God loved me, no matter what. I knew that He chose to love me, but I don't think I fully understood what that meant before marriage.

Marriage has given me a tangible example of God's love. Tim's love is patient, kind, not easily provoked (although I'm sure I'm a challenge)....never fails. I guess you expect that out of God and your parents and family, they kinda have to love you, but someone who owes you absolutely nothing (Tim) is really eye opening. Now, I'm not saying that I'm not soooo thankful for the love of my parents, they put up with soooo much(!), but this is a different love~there's no obligation or "connection" whatsoever.

Like never before, I realize every day how unlovable I am. I can be so cranky and unkind, and Tim just loves on me's almost too good to be true, type thing. Yes, this is true about God's love for us, but since we can't see Him, I think we forget that we are disgustingly unlovable. I know that Tim is able to demonstrate this love for me, because God has his heart. He has allowed God's love to flow through him and envelope me, and it's amazing. The more I realize I am unworthy of Tim's love, and how grateful I am for it, the more keenly aware I am of how short I fall to deserve our holy God's love. It far surpasses any human love. Does it amaze anyone else that God loves us? I mean, I can't even explain how earth-shattering that truth is; I can't explain what that realization does to my heart!

No matter what you or I have done, He loves us~perfect, unfailing, undeserved love. What a precious gift from our Father! Maybe, like myself, you need to take a minute today and just dwell on the faithful love of God. You don't deserve His love. I know I don't deserve it, but He gives it...freely...without strings attached. Why not take a few minutes today to thank Him for His incredible love? 

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