Wednesday, November 20, 2013

A Thankful Heart~November 19

November 19, 2013~Thankful for friends we meet in ministry.

I would like you to meet John and Jane Woitas. They are hard-core OCC lovers. I met them 5 years ago when I took my first shoe box to their church to drop off. We really hit it off and I look forward to seeing them each year. We drove past several drop off locations so that e could go to their church and see them. I couldn't wait for them to meet Tim! Jane was so excited to meet him, she told me that since she met me, she had been praying for the man God would bring into my life. :) It was such a wonderful night. We were able to drop off 23 shoe boxes, and reconnect with John and Jane. 

Jane has such a heart for the shoebox project, and I love listening to her share about "The Greatest Journey" and the incredible, only-God, stories that come back from the shoebox delivery trips. I have to share with you the one she shared with us....she heard the story at the big OCC conference, directly from the man who saw the miracle. 

The man said that he was handing out boxes in a village and he handed a little boy a box. The little boy took it and with a big smile opened the box...the the man's dismay, on the top of the little boy's box, were 2 oven mitts. The man says that he thought to himself, "WHY? Why would you put that in a child's box?!" and he began to think about how he could replace the "bad" gift. The little boy started jumping up and down and crying. The worker said he felt so bad, and was trying to figure out what to do. But then he realized that the little boy was happy! What?! The little boy rolled up his sleeve and showed severe burn marks from putting something in and out of an oven. Come to find out, the boy's father was the village baker, and the little boy often burned his wrists and arms when trying to help. 
Does that give you chills? I got chills writing it. GOD KNEW exactly what box that little boy needed. That gift changed his life. If that doesn't inspire you to pack a shoebox, I don't know what will! lol Praise God for knowing and caring about each and every person! What an incredible God we serve! 

It never ceases to amaze me how knowing Jesus just binds complete strangers heart's together. The love of God is such a powerful thing. I am so thankful for the sweet friends I have made through different ministries in different states. It's a blessing to serve together and love Christ.

What special friendship has God gifted you with through serving in a ministry? I'd love to hear about His interest in your life!

Here are some pics of our shoebox adventure 2013:

Empty boxes waiting to be filled with love!

Dividing out the toys by gender so that we could pack the boxes.

"hygiene aisle" :)

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