Monday, November 18, 2013

A Thankful Heart~November 18

November 18, 2013~Thankful for God's blessings

When was the last time you stopped...really stopped...and just thanked God for your blessings? We have no problem sharing our problems and complaints with Him, yet we conveniently forget to communicate thanks for the many good things we get but don't deserve. I take so much for granted....the simple little things that make life just a little bit more fun or enjoyable. Here are a few that I've been thinking of lately:

1. White chocolate mocha creamer...some days it really is my motivation to get up lol
2. Colored pens and sharpies! Such a silly thing, but brightening up my calendar or notes really does make me smile.
3. An email from my man in the middle of a day to just say he loves me.
4. Cozy blankets all around our living room. So many people all around the world would probably kill for a blanket as cozy and warm as the ones I have.
5. Electricity....we don't have to stop life at dusk (which is good because I'm still at work when it's getting dark now and I couldn't see to get home!)
6. Plush towels to wrap up in after a HOT shower or bath. How often do we take that hot water for granted?!
7. Pictures. I have pictures all over our house and my office. I love being surrounded by those I love and all those happy memories.
8. My life-changing was this invention! Love it!
9. Seasonal decorations. There are people on the other side of the world living in grass huts with dirt floors, and they have to worry about people robbing them, animals getting them, or bad weather flattening their home. I have to worry about where to put our Christmas tree and all our decorations in our "small" townhouse. 
10. My KitchenAid....o my using this thing!
11. A pantry full of food...a freezer full of food....cupboards full of pretty dishes and bowls to put that food in.
12. Access to all the books my heart desires. I have so many books I haven't even read yet from when I worked at family.
13. Candles~they add so much to the atmosphere of a home!
14. Feather-top mattress covers~ah-maze-ing!
15. Soft carpet under our feet at home. Shoes for when we go outside.
16. Hot rollers...what a time saver!
17. Facebook. Though it can be a tool for negative, it can also be an amazing way to keep in touch with friends from the past who are now all over the world!
18. Christian radio
19. Christmas movies that are already playing~yeah!
20. Cold drinks in the fridge. This is a luxury we can't even begin to imagine living without, yet millions around the world don't have this luxury.

The list could  go on and us, blessed Americans, these things are simple every day things that we rarely stop and truly thank God for. I'm sure you've seen the quote before, but I love and am challenged by the truth that goes something like this: "If you only had tomorrow what you thanked God for today, what would you have?" I have to be honest and say that if this was to come true in my life, there are many days where I wouldn't wake up with much because I thanked God for very little the day before. How sad. 

How would you feel if you constantly gave of yourself in little ways to someone you cared about....your husband, your friend, your coworker....every day you left a note for your husband, did little things to show you care, cooked and cleaned, and tried to show respect and love for his decisions, and yet he never thanked you or even seemed to notice, and more than that, he actually whined about you all the time. How would that make you feel? Pretty lousy, right? I can't imagine if Tim did that. I'd be a mess, yet we do this daily to our Heavenly Father who loves us more than we can comprehend and is constantly showering us with gifts and blessings. And what do we do? Turn around and complain. :/

We live in a very selfish world that's all about how "I" feel, and how can "I" be happier. Why not take a few minutes to just thank God for the little things that he is constantly filling our lives with? I challenge you to sit down and make a list of 20 things you are thankful for....I just did that in a matter of minutes above....and then just stop and thank God for each and every one of those things. 

Does it sound crazy to thank God for white chocolate mocha creamer? Sorta, but I rarely pull it out of the fridge without saying, at least to myself, "Thank you, Jesus. You know I really enjoy this silly stuff." I remember a time, not that long ago, when money was tighter. I lived on my own and white chocolate mocha creamer would not have been an option because it was an unnecessary and expensive luxury. Now, I can afford whatever creamer I want, but I don't want to forget that I didn't always have this luxury and I may not always have it; it's a blessing from God.

What "silly" things can you thank God for? I bet ya He'd love to hear about it, not matter how silly you think it is! Let's strive to find the "little" blessings in our lives today!

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