Sunday, November 17, 2013

A Thankful Heart~November 16-17

November 16-17, 2013~Thankful for kids

Yesterday and today (crazy weekend) I am thankful for the kids in our life. God has blessed us with a small group through Awana that we have really grown to love! They make me laugh and the next time make me crazy! lol This year we are trying to be more active in our kids lives. Above are two pics of some of our activities. 

The one with the boxes are the 23 boxes we collected for Operation Christmas Child. These boxes will be send to children all over the world. Inside each box, the organization will include the gospel in the appropriate language~how awesome is that! We prayed over the boxes asking God to put our boxes into the hands of the specific child that needed or wanted the gifts inside. 

The second pic is a group that we took leaf raking. We did 4 yards in about 3 hours, which included a stop for pizza. The kids worked so hard and had such great attitudes. They had a great time and it really encouraged my heart.

Today I was sitting at our Thanksgiving luncheon with two of our older Awana girls. We had a great time just chatting and enjoying the time. They make me laugh! As I sat at lunch and thought about what I was thankful for, I couldn't help but think of those two girls beside me, and this was just a continuation of my feelings from yesterday as we spent time with the kids raking leaves.

I grew up in a home with both of my parents who loved me and sacrificed to give me an incredible life, so working with some of these kiddos that come from broken, or less-than-ideal, homes has really been eye-opening to me. It has helped me appreciate the wonderful life I have, want to help and love on these kids, and try to do anything I can to show them God's love.

To be honest, sometimes it's a lot of work to plan activities, be there every Wednesday on time, and keep things organized, but it has been a really special gift to us. I love those little kiddos. I think if you asked the other workers, they would agree with me, that we are blessed to have those little kiddos in our lives.

Are you trying to make a God-difference in a young person's life? Who's life is God asking you to take some time and be a part of? Why not pray and ask God to use you to show His love to a "little one."

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