Friday, November 1, 2013

A Thankful Heart~November 1

I know...I know...everyone's doing it...showering Facebook with all that they are thankful for... but is that really a bad thing? :) I want to take the days leading up to Thanksgiving and really meditate on the blessings God has given me. I encourage you to do the same! And I would love to hear about them. Isn't it amazing how thankful we get for our life if we actually stop and think? Won't you join me and thank God for all He has given us?

November 1, 2013~Thankful for my Daddy

I am thankful for my Daddy. Growing up I had no idea how wonderful it was to grow up having both parents, in the same house, loving you in a happy environment. I thought everyone had that. Boy, was I sheltered. I have met so many girls through college and since, that either didn't know their dad or had never felt loved by the man who was supposed to be their daddy. I am so blessed to not only have a Daddy who loves me, my mom, and my brother, but he's more than a good "family man." 

My Daddy is one of the greatest men I know. He's honest and hard working. He treats others better  than he wants to be treated, and he is the most unselfish person I know. And I truly mean that. My Daddy doesn't think twice about inconveniencing himself to make my mom or us kids happy. He works so hard at everything he does. I think that working hard is probably the greatest lesson I learned from my dad. He finishes what he starts--in his life, work, walk with God. 

My Daddy has faithfully served God and been a great example to our family. He is the one that does the devotions at his family get togethers, and he is the one that has driven to someone's house to see if he can help or comfort them because the man is having a hard time. He's just so unselfish! He is always there when the church doors are open, he is faithful to his ministries. He's not a limelight type person, but you should see how the little 3, 4, and 5 year old boys light up when they see him from across the room--Mr. Bob! Mr. Bob! :) It's the cutest thing ever! He has always provided for our family and sacrificed to put us through Christian school and college. He and my mom stepped out on faith and sacrificed greatly to send a rebellious young adult to a small Bible school in the middle of nowhere Michigan...and that's where God finally got me...and I stopped running from Him. His love for me and decision to allow me to go to Michigan, changed my life. I am so grateful.

Tim and I are so blessed to have such godly influences in our life. My Daddy prays for us and is always there with a listening ear if we have questions about life and the big decisions that are coming at us! I regret the many years I took my Daddy for granted, and I hope that as I am now appreciating him more and more that I can show him just how thankful I am for him! As a teenager I would've moved across the country to get away from his watchful eye, but now I wish we were closer than the 30ish minutes we are apart! I don't get to see them nearly enough! :) Lol I so regret taking my parents for granted, and I am so thankful that they loved me, in spite of ME! I am so blessed!

If you have been blessed with loving parents, why not take a moment to call them and thank them for their love? Growing up in a two parent (husband and wife), loving home is no longer the "norm" and we need to thank God for the blessings of loving parents! And, if you didn't have the blessing of a loving father in your life, why not do your best with God's help to give that to your kids?

I cannot imagine what it's like to not grow up with a loving mother and father, I can't even relate to a non-christian parent, but I know that that is a reality in many many lives. And that's where God our Father comes in...He can take that void in your heart and fill it with more love than any earthly father could! If you don't have a Daddy to be thankful for today, why not take this opportunity to bless your Heavenly Father and thank Him for all He has done. He has promised to "never leave you nor forsake you." Praise You, Jesus, for loving us, your unworthy children!

What do you love about the father figure in your life?

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