Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Nehemiah: A heart that can break


So thankful for the opportunity to participate in this convicting ladies bible study at my church. I'd never really given much thought to the life of Nehemiah. God knew that I needed this study because something that I really struggle with is compassion. I have tons of compassion for children, or those going through sad circumstances (that in my opinion they can't control), but someone who just "made poor choices" or "should help himself," I have zero tolerance or compassion. This doesn't please Jesus. He doesn't call us to love those we deem "lovable" or those that we want to love, he calls us to love everyone the way He loves them. 

This study has been really convicting as we go through the life of Nehemiah. I had never thought about the fact that, while he was living "in captivity" he still had one of the most comfortable lives of all the Jews. He lived in the palace and had "a great job." That's where most of us live. Life may not be perfect, but it's certainly really great. Sometimes we get too comfortable where we are and don't bother to listen to God's leading. Nehemiah was so close to God that when God called him to go back and rebuild the wall, he didn't hesitate.  Am I willing to be led by God out of my comfy life in order to fulfill His will? Wow.

A second thing that I have been consistently learning from the life of Nehemiah, that is something I also struggle with, is his prayer life. When the slightest fear or opposition rose up in his life, he dropped to his knees. How often do we seek human answers first only the finally turn in desperation to God?! Nehemiah literally prayed about everything. My prayer life has greatly increased over the last few years, but I would definitely not say I pray about "everything." Some things just don't seem "prayer-worthy," but that's not how Nehemiah viewed prayer. He literally prayed without ceasing. I desire I relationship with God that causes my first reaction to always be talking to my God!

I love our small group. I love that these dear women open up and are willing to share their hearts. There's no pride in that room, only love for each other and a desire to grow closer to God. I love it! Does your church provide a women's Bible study? If so, I would really encourage you to attend. Sometimes I kinda have to drag myself to go..."I have so many other things to do..." but I am always happy that I went, and feel blessed to share that time with other women who want to serve Jesus too. I'm always encouraged in my walk with God! Sometimes it's just nice to know there are other women who struggle in the same ways you struggle; knowing you are not alone is so comforting! 

What do you enjoy about your group? What are you studying?


  1. I wish we had a ladies Bible study or something like it here. But it does sound like a good study, thanks for sharing!

  2. You could start something with Kelsey and Maicey. Even three would be a decent sized group to start with. Do you have any other young girls in your church that might benefit from some good fellowship?