Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Making Your House A Home

An interesting post from Women Living Well....caused me to think about how I like the atmosphere in our home feeling homey and cozy.

It is very important to me that our home feel like a haven. A  restful and relaxing place that we look forward to at the end of each day. The world is loud and chaotic, and I don't want our home to be that way. I try to keep things neat and tidy. Here are some things I try to do in our home to make it feel more haven-like:

  • Make the bed every day. Who wants to crawl back into a crumbled mess?

  • Empty the sink every night....waking up to dirty dishes is a horrible feeling. 
(this is a bad example that I found online...this isn't my sink! :))

  • Open the blinds or curtains every morning. Coming home to a dark house is depressing.

  • Make the house smell yummy whether that's with a candle, baked goods, or potpourri on the stove. This is a new one for me...I used to only light a candle when someone was coming over. I've started lighting a candle every evening as well as having potpourri on the stove (see below) and I'm amazing at the change it has brought to the atmosphere!

  • Keep your entry way clutter free. It's overwhelming to walk into a home and be tripping over shoes and bags and "stuff." You will get discouraged about how disorderly your home is, before you even get completely through the door! Make the entryway a clutter free zone!

  • Put clean clothes away, especially pjs. Have a designated spot for them. We have a small ottoman at the bottom of our bed and our pjs get dumped in there. It's quick and easy, but they are out of the way until nighttime. You've done most of the work....gathering the clothes, cleaning them, drying them...complete the task and cross it off your list! :)  
  • Have a designated cleaning day or time. Discuss the tasks that need done each week and ask your spouse what tasks he would be willing to help with. At our house, cleaning time is Saturday mornings...we work together and knock it all out pretty quickly... Tim sweeps the carpets and grabs any garbage while I clean the bathrooms and do the tile floors. The kitchen rarely needs anything but the floor on Saturday because I'm constantly wiping it up all week.

  • Have a few blankets in the living room for movie cuddle nights. A small thing that causes major coziness!

  • Use lamps instead of overhead lights. It's definitely not as harsh, and again, adds to the relaxing mood.

These are just a few things I try to do in our home. What are some things you do around your home to make it your own relaxing haven?


  1. I try to practice most of these ideas in my home. You should check out Homesanctuary.com by Rachel Ridge. She is a fabulous Christian blogger with awesome ideas for the home. The Nester is another great girl to follow as well.
    I enjoy your blog!

  2. Thanks :) I enjoy yours too! I'll check out your recommendations! Thanks for reading!!!