Friday, October 25, 2013

Happy Friday

Growing up Friday nights were our family night. We went out to dinner as a family and then did grocery shopping or errands, but it was always as a family. It was always nice to meet up at a restaurant on Friday night and just enjoy the end of the work week and family. People watching us come and go probably wondered what's wrong with our family--the 3 cars bring 4 people lol but we were all coming from different directions! 

Tim and I are like old people....we look forward to Friday we can do nothing lol....we can stay up late and watch a movie and sleep in Saturday morning, or we can go to bed early and sleep for 12 hours lol. We can do housework if we want or save it for Saturday. Friday nights are definitely an "anything goes" kind of night at our house...and I like it like that :) 

This week we are spending our Friday night cuddled up on the couch with a movie (following chicken enchiladas :))...what are you up to this Friday night?

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