Thursday, October 3, 2013

Easily Amused

I'm pretty easily amused.... I get extremely excited about finding a pink pen randomly at the office, making our dinner salads pretty, using coupons, and getting a text from a random friend... I had one of those moments tonight....we had to go to Walmart tonight because my black sharpie died. Now, this may not seem like a big deal to you...but it should. lol See, every night I pack Tim's a brown paper bag...with some "artwork." Now, if I was a great artist, it might be neat....but because I can't draw a's more like hilarious. I crack myself up sometimes in the kitchen laughing and laughing because my drawing is soooo bad. Anyways...back to the last night my sharpie finally gave up the ghost (I've been wetting it for like a week haha) and so this dilemma obviously called for a Thursday night Walmart run...

I walk into the marker/pen aisle...and stood in front of the sharpies...a rainbow of colors staring back at me~I kinda freaked out lol And although I only needed one a little kid I begged Timmy for a 5 pack of assorted colors...and like the wonderful lover he is, he said, "Whatever you want, Pumpkin." Love him! haha (Love him even before the sharpies haha) So....I rushed in the door when we got home, in great anticipation of tonight's lunch packing.....

Now....I'm going to share this with you....because this blog is all about honest no laughing at me. :) I love him and this is one of the little ways I try to show it....even if it doesn't speak love to another human being anywhere. haha (and I think he's pretty into it...the guys at work always stop by his desk to see his love note...haha I'm sure they think I'm silly and dumb...but it shows his coworkers that he is one loved hubby...and that's the whole point isn't it? Lame drawings or not...I want him to know how loved he is <3

Behold! The new sharpies of happiness!!!!!!!! Woo hoo!

Occasionally when I really like my drawing....or it really makes me laugh....I take a pic of are a few of my old "boring" (because I only had a black sharpie) lunch bags. :)

 Ta da! My new colorful masterpiece :) Lunch is about to get alot more interesting at the O'Brien home. <3

Ya...I'm easily amused...but it's more fun that way! What silly little things make you smile? :)

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