Wednesday, October 2, 2013

A Shared Thought

Going Solo

I love this verse~and this sweet picture because it reminds me of me and Sammi, two best buds for life! This was a great devo that I received today from Proverbs31 Ministries. I am very guilty of trying to "fly solo" and do everything myself, I think that sharing my pain, hurt, or hardship with someone will make me weak or inferior...but that's not what God intended for me! He has given me the most incredible husband who is my best friend and my spiritual partner in life. Sometimes it's hard to allow him to share what I'm going through or what I'm learning, but that's so foolish! In addition to Tim, I have a wonderful girlfriend, Sammi (you'll be getting to know her in the future :)), and she is such a blessing! She encourages me and is always available to chat through struggles that I'm facing. And last, but definitely not least, I have Jesus! How silly for me to try to face things alone~I have 3 incredible "friends" that are willing to come along side me, uplift me, encourage me, and love me...we need to stop "going solo" and use the resources God has given us!

Through our marriage this verse has come alive to me. I never realized what an indescribable gift another person could be until I had Tim. Everything truly is better with "two." The sooner we accept the help and love of our God-given "two," the better off we will be, I truly believe! Who is your "two"? How does he/she encourage you and help you?

Thank you, Jesus, for the wonderful gift of Godly friendship!

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