Sunday, September 29, 2013

The Strip & a GIANT Rubber Duck

Busy, busy weekend! So I'm lived "in" Pittsburgh my entire life, but had never been to the famous "Strip District." I finally had the opportunity to go yesterday with my previous boss, and it was awesome! I wish I would've taken pics of the crowded, amazing shops, but I was just trying to keep my eyes on Kat (who is thankfully rather tall) and not get trampled. lol If you live near Pittsburgh and have never visited The Strip, you really should! It's a unique and super fun shopping experience! We visited Wholeys (famous fish market), Penzey Spices (oh my!), the cutest little coffee/tea shops, Peace, Love & Little Donuts, lunch at Kaya, was a jam-packed day! haha I bought some spices, freshly baked bread, fresh chicken and steak, a few random kitchen gadgets, and these tea pods that are supposed to open up like a flower when you put them in a cup of hot water....way excited about trying those (I'll let you know how they work!) 

Following A LOT of walking...we went to see the new, crazy attraction downtown~a giant rubber duck! The city and park were packed, so we parked several blocks away and was so worth it! 

There's just something about rubber ducks that make me smile~they are just so....happy. haha This massive one floating on the river was no exception. It's just a happy sight to see! The duck will be docked by the Point for several weeks, if you live around here, you really should make the effort to go see it! This is the first US appearance of the duck, so it's kinda a big deal. :)

A peek at the crazy large rubber duck!

There were tons of people~it's definitely the thing to see downtown right now!

Yeah, it's massive haha

Now doesn't that make you smile?! :)

Pittsburgh's a pretty awesome place to live! I really want to get more familiar with our awesome city...does anyone have any suggestions of places we should go?

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