Friday, September 27, 2013

Date Night

So tonight was "Tim's" date night. (It also just so happened to be our 5 month anniversary-yeah) Every month we take turns planning a special date night.  I think it's a lot harder for Tim than it is for me, must be the girl-romantic part of me, but that's what makes his date nights so special! He made reservations at an off the main drag restaurant called the Verona Village Inn. We both really enjoyed our meals and the service was great! Then we rented a redbox (Epic), grabbed some ice cream (mint choco chip), and headed home to cuddle up and watch the movie. What a wonderful way to end a busy week! I <3 date night!

You will see very shortly that we rarely take serious pictures. lol

it usually takes several "bad" shots to get to a good one! :)

Finally! <3

Grab your honey and take him on a date night...make memories!

I love coming up with date nights, do you? What special date nights have you and your hubby shared? I'd love to hear about them!

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