Monday, September 30, 2013

A Shared Thought

Every so often I am going to share with you a blog or devotion that I have read that really spoke to me or taught me something... This one is about a mom's reaction to her child, but I could so easily see it in my reactions to Tim. I'm a control-freak, no doubt about that!, and it's so easy to "correct" something he is doing simply because I would do it differently. How horrible is that?! :( Especially when he is doing something to help me! This was a very convicting message for me because, as a control freak, I tend to think my well thought out way must be the best, after all, didn't I put hours of thought into what he is "thoughtlessly" doing? Instead of praising his efforts or thanking him for being kind enough to help me with whatever task, I pull him down, correct him, or discourage. :/ Not the way a Godly wife acts is it? I really want to work on my reactions toward my family. Do you need to work on yours as well?

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